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Billing & Procedures

UHWA bills monthly. The current charges are due on the fifth (5th) day of the month. Unpaid “Current Charges” become delinquent and are subject to a 5% late fee.

If current charges remain unpaid into the next billing period a “Delinquent Letter” is mailed to the member and a $10.00 processing fee is added to the member account. The delinquent balance will appear on the new billing statement in the “Past Due Amount” section on the new bill.

UWHA places “Shutoff Notice” on member’s door the first Wednesday following the delinquent notice due date, if past due amount remains unpaid. Past due amount must be paid by the following Monday. A processing fee of $30.00 will be added to the member’s account for this notice.

Member’s water will be shut off and meter locked before noon on the Tuesday following placement of a Shutoff Notice if past due balance remains unpaid. A $50.00 Disconnection Fee will be charged to the member account at this time.

Once the meter is locked, member must pay the outstanding balance in full to have water service restored.

Paperless Billing Option

If you would like to select this billing option, please email or call the Association’s business office with a request to stop the printed bill.

Please provide the following information in your email or during your call:

  1. Account number;

  2. Name on the account; and

  3. A current email address

Members who select paperless billing will receive an email notification with a .pdf attachment of their current bill. The notification will be sent on the same day the paper bills are sent to the post office for mailing. If you have not received your email notification please check your spam folder.

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